Build a Profit Producing

Stop wasting time with customers that can not bring you life-long opportunities, recession proof funding and scalability. The Federal Government will bring you more business and more revenue then any other customer.

We'll build your pipeline

Discover the gaps and pitfalls real-life business owners experience in Government contracting and learn the
strategies and tactics we use that have companies winning. Let Team Integrity buildout your procurement TEAM!


Leave It Up To Us To Grow Your Company

We'll provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to build a strong foundation, increase revenue and productivity, and scale your company.

Our expert led team members and industry-leading experts will guide you every step of the way, and you'll receive valuable resources such as done for you registration, onboarding certifications and so much more to help your empire scale.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your business to the next level. Enroll now and let's start building your empire together!


Team Integrity will conduct a clean sweep of your company, lay down the foundation starting with registering your company in, confirming correct NAICS/PSC codes, applying for set a-side certifications, conduct market research, provide email marketing templates, set-up your pipeline and place the bids at your fingertips.

Let Team Integrity Consulting Firm Do The Heavy Lifting


Who We Serve:

  • Service-based small businesses who generate a $20k+ monthly revenue
  • Established entities ready to scale by adding the Government to their portfolio
  • Entrepreneurs who understand the importance of a diverse portfolio
  • Committed CEOs who are passionate about building their  empire

What Are Team Integrity Clients Saying?


Eric Dawson

@teamintegrity is definitely a room to be in...and a table to sit at. I was able to scale my trucking company to profit 6 figures and win my first contract in 8 weeks.

Theresa Payne

If you're looking to take your business to the next level TIKC has the BEST mentorship program ever!!! I took Trucking meets Govcon course and when i say this course was THE BEST it was by far the best hands down I learned so much from Melanie...she doesn't without any information information she was so positive, knowledgeable and truly has a passion for seeing your company succeed... Check them out

BC Transport Service LLC

 The resources, education, mentorship, membership and information received from Team Integrity Knowledge Center is PRICELESS. Melanie Blake-Patterson is on a mission to make sure that I am the best that I can be and holds me accountable when I fall short of the expectations. Everything is in depth, thorough and strategic. The tools are provided to you, it is up to you what you do with them. I am forever grateful for Team Integrity Knowledge Center. Thanks Melanie and Team Integrity for all that you do, it is greatly appreciated. If you haven't already become a part of Team Integrity, I highly recommend you do. This is a MUST HAVE if you are trying to go the next level of your destiny.

Rebecca Tisbe

Whether you are just starting out as owner operators or have been in this industry for some time and looking for opportunities to elevate your business... stop looking- you have found THE team that will not only guide you through, but educate you on how to structure your business and most importantly, land your govt contract. Melanie and her team are relentless at ensuring success for all members in this program. Team Integrity is the place to be! Invest in yourself, invest in your business and join TODAY!!!

Sakesha Gantt

If you want to learn more about Government Contracting, I highly recommend Team Integrity Knowledge Center. The founder and owner, Melanie Patterson, pours her heart and soul into ensuring youhave the strategies to succeed. It's definitely worth investment. For you to be successful, you need to learn from the expert that were awarded government contracts and genuinely give you the tools to be successful.

Platinum Level Dispatching

 I have been jumping hurdles for months trying to maneuver through the government contracting process. Then boom, I met Melanie with @teamintegrityknowledgecenter and my journey instantly became The knowledge, the expertise, the overall guidance that i have received since teamingup with Melanie is truly priceless. Not only am I ready to place bids but I am ready to accept them and there is a difference! Thank you #teamintegrityknowledgecenter for EVERYTHING!! II am officially ready to WIN government contracts and showcase my full potential to the world!! LETS GO!!! 🙌🔥


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