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TIKC is your source in helping to build your trucking company, back-office operations and to sustain in

an $800 billion industry.


If you thought maintaining a fleet was difficult, I have news for you...

 As we know maintaining a fleet of vehicles is difficult enough but retaining drivers is even more difficult.


Do you want to set yourself apart?


Let’s discuss key strategies to obtaining drivers and retaining drivers.


TIKC will be sharing some essential tools that you can implement within your company today.


The facilitator, Melanie Patterson and  guest speaker Erika Rhone, will speak to you about the various options when offering benefits to drivers and so much more.




What You'll Learn

- Driver Retention Strategies 

- How to provide employee growth, loyalty and long-term business relationship

- W2 vs 1099

- Benefit options


 We've put in the hard work and are ready to share the keys to success with you! 


Melanie Patterson was raised by a single mother in Chicago, IL. She navigated through the Chicago streets which led her to early exposure, trials, and testimonies.


To date, she has owned: Pro Realty Management, LLC (property rehab and project management), Exquisite Cutz Barbershop, Inc (premium men’s grooming) & Integrity Transit Co, LLC (certified minority women-owned freight transportation company). Each business has increased to six figures plus in revenue. 

Through her experience in the industry, she's seen many pitfalls as well as successes. One of the goals of Team Integrity Knowledge Center is to help clients avoid having to go through years of mistakes and find a path to success through the guidance that Melanie gives.


​ With mentorship from leading transportation owners and certifications, she is set to scale Integrity Transit Co. into a multi-million-dollar transportation staple. Her key characteristics for success are leadership, ambition, integrity, professionalism, and, most importantly knowing it is POSSIBLE. She is devoted to education, sharing of knowledge, and penetrating barriers.


“Make the most out of your 24 hours.”

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Is this the right training for you?

In this training, you'll learn how to retain your drivers by providing employee benefits. This training is all about the​

best strategies for retention, how to provide employee growth, loyalty, and long-term business relationships, and the best benefit options for your organization.

This training will be facilitated by Melanie Patterson and Guest Trainer Erica Rhone.

It's time to stop guessing how your business will be successful.


Team Integrity Knowledge Center was designed to give you the training you need to avoid the obstacles we had to encounter.

Will you have to do the work? Yes.


Will this community give you shortcuts? No.


Will this community help you be profitable? Yes!!!!!

Our goal is to use the data and research we've collected over 10 years to keep you from having to spend another 10 years trying to figure it all out. 

Ericka Rhone has 10 years of health insurance experience.

Her goal is to make sure everyone has affordable healthcare as an employer and employee. 

About The

Guest Trainer

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What You'll Get From This Training

 *Driver Retention Strategies 

*How to provide employee growth, loyalty

and long-term business relationship

*W2 vs 1099

*Benefit Options

Is this the


for you?

This is for:
This is not for:

-Individuals with a 9-5, looking for opportunity to grow.


-Potential or current fleet owners.


-Aspiring Fleet Owners


-Life Long Learners      

-Employers who are comfortable in their companies high turn around

-Employers that have no desire to obtain business growth


This training is not for everyone.

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Your business can thrive when your retention is good!

Join this free training to learn how to make your fleet thrive by retaining your drivers.


You will learn about employee retention from a professional with over 10 years of experience in insurance and benefits. 

This is a $997 value being given to you FOR FREE.


Team Integrity Knowledge Center is here to provide you the steps to be successful.


It's your turn to take action now.

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