If you thought maintaining a fleet was difficult, I have news for you...


Sustaining within the transportation industry is challenging.

The key is to capitalize on the multiple sectors in Freight Logistics.

Do you want to set yourself apart?

Do you want to capitalize within transportation and freight logistics?

Let’s discuss key strategies to leverage your company and scale within the government contracting space. TIKC will be sharing some essential tools that you can implement within your company today. The facilitator, Melanie Patterson , will speak to you about the various options on government contracting and so much more.



What You’ll Learn


*What is Government Contracting

*What this means for YOUR company

*How to register to do business with the government

*Millions of dollars at your finger tips

*Appropriate NAICS codes

*How to solicit the government

Melanie Patterson is the founder and CEO of Integrity Transit Co., Integrity Global Logistics and Team Integrity Knowledge Center. Based in Chicago, IL these companies provide carrier services, transportation, logistics and business consulting to small business owners so they can Build, Grow and Scale their business strategically. Melanie is a Chicago native and has over 10 years of entrepreneurship behind her. Melanie achieved her Undergraduate studies from Olivet Nazarene University and Graduate studies from Governors State University. Melanie worked in ER trauma as a practitioner for 7 years, while simultaneously operating as an entrepreneur.

Melanie has a strong history of innovative and progressive leadership with integrity. Which has been showcased in her propelling business growth. She is a keen strategic thinker and her key characteristics has been instrumental in supporting the fast-paced growth of her penetrating barriers within the global supply chain and government contracting as a minority woman. To date, she has secured over $2.5 million in government contracts, positioned a trucking company to 7-figures in less than 2 years, managed over 20 staff members, successfully managed over 10 asset trucking portfolios, mentored over 70 mentees and continues to feed her hunger within Global Supply Chain.

Melanie’s future is bright as she moves into impacting the transportation community as a keynote speaker, host, coach and pending author. Melanie is set to be a minority woman pioneer to bring diversity and inclusion to the Global Supply Chain.

“Make the most out of your 24 hours.” 

Melanie Peterson

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Sustaining in business right now is challenging and the key is to capitalize on the multiple sectors in Freight Logistics like Government contracting

Let’s discuss how to

  • GROW

your business today.

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It's time to stop guessing how you will scale your company.

Team Integrity Knowledge Center was designed to give you the training you need to avoid the obstacles we had to encounter.

Will you have to do the work? Yes.

Will this community give you tools and resources? Yes

Will this community help you see 6 and 7 figures? Yes

Our goal is to use the data, research, strategies we've created over the years to keep you from having to spend another 10 years trying to figure it all out yourself .

Know What Is Possible…

What You’ll Get From This Training

*What is Government Contracting

*Leveraging certifications

*How to register your company

*Appropriate NAICS codes

*How to solicit the government

Invest In Your Business NOW!

Your business can thrive when the government is your customer!

Join this training to learn how to fund your business with government contracting.

You will learn from an expert about the benefits of government contracting and how it benefits your business.

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