Team Integrity Knowledge Center is a platform for aspiring and current entrepreneurs covering fleet ownership, sustainability, and scalability. Team Integrity will provide the tools that you use TODAY! So be prepared to retain but also implement.

We will discuss the blueprint in developing a team of competent personnel, become a profit-producing company, working with efficiency, government, and implementation of systems and processes.

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What You'll Learn:

  •  Business Growth Planning
  • Operational Cost Breakdown
  • Company Structuring
  • Authority Registration
  • Equipment/Hardware Setup
  • Load Board and Dedicated Shipper Strategy
  • Scalability Planning
  • Government Contracting
  • Consortium Setup
  • Back Office Setup
  • Factoring and Fuel Card Setup
  • Driver Recruitment, Onboarding, and Retention
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The right opportunity is waiting for you.

This course was developed to not only provide foundational knowledge but provide the strategies, resources and tools to sustain a PROFIT PRODUCING trucking company.

With research and real-life experience, our team discovered where the gaps reside.

Now you can take advantage of the lessons learned and best practices vs. figuring things out the hard way!

It's time to stop guessing how your business will be successful.

Team Integrity Knowledge Center was designed to give you the training you need to avoid the obstacles we had to encounter.

Will you have to do the work? Yes!!!

Will this community give you direct resources? Yes!!!

Will this community help you be profitable? Yes!!!

Our goal is to use the data and research we've collected over 15 years to keep you from having to spend another 10 years trying to figure it all out.

What You'll Get From This Course

  • How To Get Started in Trucking
  • How To Build A Solid Infrastructure
  • Establishing Efficiency in Your Back Office 
  • Doing Business with The Government
  • How To Scale and Grow Your Company 
  • Implementing Systems and Processes 
  • 20 plus forms and templates for you back office operations
  • Direct Shipper List
  • Invaluable, No Fluff Information to Advance You On Your Entrepreneurial Journey
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Is this the course for you?

This is for

  • Individuals with a 9-5, looking for opportunity to grow.
  • Potential or current fleet owners.
  • Fleet owners wanting to increase revenue, workflow, and productivity

This is not for

  • Individuals not ready to pivot into financial freedom.
  • Individuals that do not understand the value in investing in knowledge.
  • Fleet owners not ready to take it to the next level

Are you ready to learn how to build the profitable business you've always desired?

You will learn about the tools and principles, and build a sustainable business, select and grow your team, maintain compliance, successfully manage accounts, increase profits and MORE.

Team Integrity Knowledge Center is here to provide you the steps to be successful.

Lets us hold your hand as you take the journey in freight logistics.

It's your turn to take action NOW.


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